3 Major Mistakes Made During A Big Hair Change

As a stylist, I change my hair a lot. I’ve had every type of cut there is from, crop to mermaid-long; and I’ve tried most of the traditional colors, too. But it’s easy for me to undergo a big hair change because I understand all the time, work, and maintenance it will take to get my hair to my desired look. But one of the the most important things to remember, is that pulling off a big hair change is possible through detailed communication with your hairstylist as well as at home preparation prior to your next reservation. That’s why I always advise my personal clients to do plenty of research before coming in for a big change.

Here are 3 things you can do before your reservation, to avoid turning a major change into a major mistake:

Do your research.
It’s really important that you trust the individual who is helping you make this big change! If you have a stylist that you love, be sure to book a consultation appointment with her (or him) so that you can ask any questions you have before the big change. This gives your stylist the opportunity to determine whether or not this look is right for you, from a professional’s perspective. Ask them to be brutally candid with you, because you want to be sure that this look is going to work for you and your lifestyle.

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Be committed.
If you just committed to this big change yesterday, odds are I’m not going to be able to give you that look today. Give yourself lots of time to process how this new look will affect you and your lifestyle. If you’re going from long to short, you need to be ready for all the styling maintenance that comes with short hair. And almost any change in color requires maintenance to keep that color looking vibrant and healthy. Trust me when I say you need those professional products to help with the maintenance! Without them, your color will fade quickly, and all the money you spent to achieve this new look will have been a waste.

Prep your hair.
This step is crucial for anyone hoping for a big change in color. During your consultation, be sure to ask what you can be doing at home to prepare your hair for the big change. You should also be doing treatments once a week to help make sure your hair is healthy enough, because changing color can be pretty damaging.

Your new look will be life-changing—as long as you remember to do your research, plan ahead, and prep your hair (and yourself) for the big change!

❤ Always!


  1. Having wanted several big changes at the snap of my fingers, it is CRUCIAL to have patience and trust the process. My stylist cares first about my hair’s health and integrity; without those, your money and your stylist’s time will be for nothing! A refuge treatment 2-3 days before my coloring services makes a world of difference, I’m hooked!

    1. Hey Andrea! Thanks for taking the time to read and post. I couldn’t agree more with your comment. And I’m glad to hear you love Refuge, too! Stay tuned for more. ❤️

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