4 Tips For Healthy Hair

Have you found yourself asking how you can grow long, healthy hair? There are a handful of factors you can control (to some extent) to achieve long locks with bounce, shine and body. Here are a few tips for improving and maintaining healthy hair:

1. Diet. 
A well-rounded diet is a key factor in hair and scalp health. Protein is what makes up our hair. If you consume the appropriate amount of protein in a day, it can directly affect the integrity of your hair and the rate that it grows. If, for some reason, you don’t take in enough protein, hair can become weak and brittle. Be mindful of your diet to keep hair healthy.

2. Hair Care.
On a day-to-day basis, we put a certain amount of physical wear and tear on our hair, from blow drying to brushing to even shampooing. How often you shampoo your hair comes down to personal preference and individual needs—texture, density and how active you are generally determines how often you need to shampoo your hair. Talk to your stylist about the right hair care and styling products for your lifestyle and routine to keep your hair in tip-top shape!

3. Styling Tools.
If you use heat styling tools on a daily basis, be sure to use lowest heat setting necessary for achieving your style and use a heat protectant spray like Paul Mitchell’s Hot Off The Press to protect your hair from damage. And be mindful of the placement of hair ties and clips—change up where you pin and clip your hair to prevent breakage. And lastly, remember: the right haircut can also decrease the amount of styling required on a daily basis!

4. Climate & Environment.
The health of hair is greatly affected by the climate and environment. However, the many things that affect our hair on a daily basis can be counterbalanced with the way we treat our hair. Thankfully, Paul Mitchell has a treatment for nearly every hair type. It is imperative that you treat your hair like a fine fabric. As hair grows it moves farther and farther away from the scalp, meaning the ends of your hair are the oldest part of your hair and have had the most exposure to heat styling, sun, chlorine, etc.

Treat that hair with tender loving care. Treatments are one of the best ways to give your hair what it needs. Dry hair needs moisture, so try my Redew Weekly Treatment. Weak hair needs strength; nourish and restore your hair with a Rehab Weekly Treatment. Whatever your hair needs, I’ve created a treatment just for you.

These tips will help you on your quest to achieve long, healthy hair year-round!

❤ Always!

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