5 Steps to Great Hair

Much like girl crushes and wardrobe crushes, hair crushes are a thing! My Studio Be Salon team almost unanimously agrees that their favorite hair crush is Gigi Hadid (the girl has great hair). For you it might be Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston, or Jessica Alba—but regardless of who it is, these chicks are clearly doing something right when it comes to their hair routine. Here are five tricks for keeping your hair in tip-top shape, just like your hair crush:

1. Get a proper haircut and stick to a schedule.

When does your hair feel the healthiest and most gorgeous? For us, it’s always right after we leave our salon! That’s because a pro stylist knows just what to do to give your hair life, shape and bounce. Regular haircuts mean less split ends, more defined shape and increased confidence. Who can argue with that?

2. Use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.

There is a huge benefit in determining which shampoo and conditioner is right for your hair type: bouncier curls, shinier hair, longer-lasting hair color, etc. Talk to your stylist about the right hair care regimen for your specific hair type to ensure your hair is getting exactly what it needs to looks its best. Or check out this post to test out professional products at home!

3. Give your ends some TLC.

When conditioning your hair, work from the bottom up. Your ends are generally the driest part of your hair and require the most moisture and repair. Use a deep conditioner like Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Keratin Intensive Treatment® ($26) on your ends and mid-length of your hair 1-2 times a week to lock in needed moisture and deeply repair damaged locks.

4. Brush your hair regularly.

Yeah—we love the lived-in look, too. But it’s important to brush your hair to avoid tangles and distribute your hair’s natural oils. Plus, brushing your hair can do wonders to your beach waves and curls. Hello, bombshell!

5. Style smart.

When styling your hair ALWAYS use a thermal protection spray like Hot Off The Press® ($18) to guard your tresses from damage like split ends and general breakage.

❤ Always!

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