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THIS Is The Hottest Haircut Of the Season

The 90’s Bob is undeniably the hottest haircut this season. There are two ways I am commonly seeing this Fall Trend worn. Cut just below the chin with a center part and styled casually smooth, as seen on Naomi Watts and Kristin Bell or my personal favorite, side swept with a subtle wave like Mila Kunis and Brie Larson –  who are absolutely owning this look. The good news, these styles are a great look for so many different hair types. Here are a few ways you can get these coveted styles at home:

Center Part + Smooth

Image result for Naomi wattsJames Devaney/GC Images

Side Swept + Subtle Wave

Sara Jaye Weiss/REX/Shutterstock

The most important part of creating your 90’s bob is starting your style in the shower. (Yes In the shower!) The Refuge Reamp Treatment Regimen can be done from the comfort of your own bathroom (helps you skip a trip to the salon) and will keep your hair healthy and shiny while inflating each strand with the power of Wheat Protein and Vitamin B. When you start with natural volume and bounce – styling this cut is can be so easy. After you’ve induldged in your Refuge Treatment Regimen, begin your styling by towel drying your hair and adding Paul Mitchell’s Invisiblewear Air Gel to help celebrate your hair’s natural texture. I promise you will have flexible memory without the crunch.

Styling + Refuge Reamp Treatment Regimen

Next, give your round brush a break and dry with your fingers letting your natural texture come to life. After you are dry choose your desired part. (Either down the middle or side swept – see examples above.) If you choose side swept go deep, it adds some drama! For natural looking waves choose a 1.25” diameter Curling Iron or Wand. (Harry Josh makes a 2:1 ceramic one that I absolutely love!) Begin by picking up 8 sections through the top and alternate your curl direction. Let cool, run your fingers through and you are done. For a smoother look, a quick pass with a smoothing iron on the surface will do, Dont over do it, we want to see some volume in this style.

Harry Josh Wand

Image result for 1.25” diameter harry josh

Just a few quick tips and you’re well on your way to some seriously trendy 90’s hair.


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