BeautyTrendAlert: Takeaways From NYFW 2017

New York Fashion Week sets the tone for the year to come, and influences trends in many industries outside of the apparel and merchandising world. Here are the four biggest beauty takeaways from NYFW that will set the trends for 2017:

Technicolor hair. 
Be prepared to see fuschia, lavender, silver, and millennial pink on your favorite celebrities/influencers, and across your Pinterest boards and Instagram pages.

Winged Eyeliner is out. 
How long have I stood in-front of my bathroom mirror cursing out-loud because I could not master the perfect winged eyeliner? No more breakdowns for me, because winged eyeliner is taking a backseat. All across the runways at NYFW models were spotted sporting a blunt rounded take on winged eyeliner. Finally, I’ll be able to be on trend with my eyeliner!

It appears that everyone is chopping off their locks and rocking a short bob. Whether you’re ready to take the plunge and snip off some of your length or invest in a wig, the bob is making a comeback in 2017.

Bold Eyeshadows.
Metallic lids with a pop of color were showcased during many shows during this year’s NYFW. Think of a silver chrome base shadow, with a pop of hot-pink in the inner corners of your eye. This is a perfect way to dress up an understated look. Imagine pairing a statement eye with a simple creamy-lip, sleek hair, jeans & t-shirt combo—then top it off with a pair of your favorite pumps. Let’s let our eyes do the talking in 2017!


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