Top 5 Favorite Natural Oils

With all of the magic oils on the market today, it can be hard to sift through them all—let alone actually decide on one that works for you. So, I decided to go over my top five favorite oils for face and hair to help give you insight on what I use to keep my skin and hair hydrated (even throughout those cold, dry, and incredibly abrasive winters that Colorado throws at me)!

Reminder: if you are acne prone or have sensitive skin, remember to do a patch test before lathering on your new oil.

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil seems to be the trendiest oil on the market to not only lather on your skin and hair, but also to consume. The reason why coconut oil is so popular is because this oil stays inside the hair, rather than evaporating like other oils, which in turn makes it one of the most effective hair treatments to use. Coconut oil is also great for sensitive and dry skin, even those with eczema are encouraged to use it as a daily moisturizer. You can also find coconut oil in each Refuge Weekly Repair Masque’s. Coconut oil might just be the answer to all of our sought after prayers!

2. Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang Oil is becoming one of the more popular essential oils because of the reaping benefits it offers even outside skin and hair. Ylang Ylang oil is highly beneficial on incredibly dry skin and those with eczema because it reduces redness and inflammation. It is also is used to maintain moisture and give the skin an even, youthful, effortless glow. The main reason why Ylang Ylang Oil is one of my favorites for my hair is because it is a natural way to reduce stress levels and save your hair in the process. Ylang Ylang Oil can be found in our Refuge Weekly Rehab Treatment.

3. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is in fact a wax and not an oil, however the chemical structure of this wax is incredibly similar to our skin’s natural oils which is why it is easily absorbed. Jojoba oil also contains zinc, copper, Vitamin B and E, which strengthens the skin. Since Jojoba oil is similar to our skin’s natural oils. It deeply moisturizes the hair and scalp, while also adding unmistakable shine! Jojoba Oil can be found in Refuge Daily Deep Conditioner.

4. Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, which decreases inflammation and helps promote healthy cell function which leaves the skin feeling full and even. Avocado Oil is often used on hair because when rubbed onto the scalp it promotes blood flow by unblocking clogged follicles. This is one of the main reasons Avocado Oil helps to promote hair growth. Avocado Oil can be found in the Refuge Weekly Rejuv Treatment.

5. Argan Oil

Argan Oil, otherwise known as Moroccan Oil, became popular for its ability to revive extremely dry and damaged hair. Heat protection, moisturization, and reducing frizz are some of the main benefits of using Argan Oil!  However, it also has remarkable benefits for skin. Argan Oil contains high fatty-acids, similar to those in Avocado Oil, which helps promote healthy collagen, and in turn, healthy, youthful-looking skin.

So, which one do you buy?

First, realize that you, your hair, and your skin are all incredibly unique to YOU. Which if you really think about it, is absolutely amazing. It is important to remember that what works for others might not work for you. My advice is to always read the ingredients on every product that you purchase and keep record of different reactions and effects you have experienced from certain ingredients. Also, realize that oils are, in fact, oily and if overused can produce and leave a greasy residue. I always suggest starting out with minimal amounts and then gradually increasing as you learn how your hair and skin reacts and responds. When used properly, oils can help give you the beautiful hair and skin you’ve always wanted.

❤  Always!

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