Common Hair Care Mistakes To Stop Making

As someone that’s been involved with hair for the past 12 years, I often forget that not everyone has the same knowledge I do when it comes to taking care of your hair! Upon talking to guests in my salons, I realized that people are making avoidable mistakes that can be damaging to your hair—but (luckily) are super easy to fix. Here are some common hair care mistakes to stop making, and things you should start doing to save your hair:

 Stop: towel drying your hair.

As a kid, I used to love wrapping a towel around my hair to pretend that I had long princess hair after a bath. (But that’s not so cute now that I’m an adult.) Plus, wet hair is particularly susceptible to damage, and towel drying your hair can cause breakage—especially if you have dry hair.

Start: using a t-shirt for microfiber towel.
microfiber towel (or cotton t-shirt) will absorb excess water, reduce frizz, and help prevent breakage. And using a microfiber towel can actually make your hair easier to style! Just make sure to blot, not rub, your hair to absorb moisture.

Stop: skipping heat prep.

Heat styling can damage your hair, and cause breakage and split ends. That’s why it’s essential to apply a heat protectant prior to using heat (i.e. blow drying, straightening, curling). A heat protectant acts like a shield, protecting your hair from damage.

Start: using Hot Off The Press.
Hot Off The Press is an easy-to-use, affordable heat protectant that will help defend your hair against heat damage. This all-in-one thermal protection hairspray shields against high temperatures and helps to fight frizz, leaving you with beautifully styled (and protected) hair.

Stop: washing your hair so frequently.

Don’t get me wrong—everyone should be washing their hair! But washing your hair too frequently can strip your scalp of its natural oils and make it dry, which can cause even more issues.

Start: washing according to your hair needs.
There is no magic number when it comes to washing you hair. So, I recommend using trial and error to find the right amount of days in between washes. Start washing your hair every two days, then see how many days you can stretch in between washes to find the perfect number for you hair.  (Check this out for more details.)

Stop: waiting forever to get a haircut.

When you don’t trim your hair, you’re left with damaged ends, which can cause breakage and make your hair look shorter, since it’s thinner at the bottom.

Start: getting regular haircuts.
Just do it, schedule regular trims! Cut just a quarter inch, about every eight to twelve weeks (especially if your locks are prone to damage) for fuller, healthier hair.

Stop: skipping weekly treatments.

Hair treatments help protect your hair from daily stressors (like heat used in styling and UV rays) that cause damage to your hair. When you skip a treatment, or fail to use one regularly, you are leaving your hair prone to damage—which can lead to more and more bad hair days.

Start: a treatment routine.
Pick up a weekly treatment, find a day that works best for you, start a routine, and then stick to it! Refuge weekly treatments only take about 10 minutes from start to finish, and will help you achieve your #hairgoals. Plus, it’s always nice to take a little time indulge in yourself—even if it’s only 10 minutes!

❤ Always!

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