Hair Trends: NYFW 2018

New York Fashion Week 2018 is (sadly) over! And after watching this video from Oribe at NYFW, I became curious about what hair trends will dominate this year as a result. Here are the trends that are predicted to stick around in 2018:

Big, bold, beautiful hair accessories.
When it comes to hair accessories, go big or go home! Slightly over-the-top headbands were a favorite during this Fashion Week. So, spice up your work wardrobe by adding a floral head wrap to your look. Adding a bold hair accessory allows you to make a statement with even the simplest of outfits. (Plus, it helps keep hair out of your face! It’s a win/win situation.)

Wet-hair look is here to stay.
Sleeked back hair always looks stunning on the runway—but, if I’m being completely honest—it makes me a little nervous to try the wet-hair look myself. However, one great way to get in on this trend (without going all in) is to sport a perfectly-sleek and -smooth ponytail.  Star Glow Styling Wax will help sleek back even the most unruly locks into a gorgeous pony. So, give it a try!

Claw clips are back.
The 90’s are back in full swing with this trend. So, pull out that giant claw clip you’ve been keeping in your drawer, because they are finally back in style. (This trend reminds me of when scrunchies were suddenly the thing back in 2017.)

There are new ways to wear color
(in your hair).
Essentially, perfectly placed color is out—and haphazard (looking) color is in. Some celebs are wearing wigs, while others are testing out bright and bold colors, in real life. (I could have predicted this trend by simply looking at the color requested in my salons.) Check out this amazing color—created and worn—by one of my stylists, Allie M., for inspiration on how to wear fun and bright colors in your hair!

❤ Always!

P.S. Did you miss the trends set by NYFW 2017? No worries! You can check them out here.

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