Getting Down And Dirty—Are You Washing Your Hair Too Often?

“Did you get your hair done recently?”

“Did you go lighter?”

“Did you take off more length?”

“No, I actually just washed it!”

Has anyone else been here before? We’ve been told over and over again how washing our hair daily can actually lead to more bad hair days, but what’s the magic number of days between washes?

As a stylist, salon owner, and product line creator, I am here to tell you that I don’t have a magic number. I can’t tell you that just because I wash my hair once a week you should too, because that is not how our hair and bodies work.

Let’s break it down.
Essentially, washing your hair is like walking on a tightrope: if you do it too much you strip the natural oils of your hair; and if you don’t wash it enough, you’re stuck with product and oil build-up. The trick is to find the perfect combination for you, your hair texture, and your lifestyle.

 So, how do I know what works for me?
Take an honest look at yourself and your lifestyle. Just because your hair idol says she washes her hair once a week, doesn’t mean that is what’s best for your hair and your goals. Think about your shampoo and conditioner, are they helping you achieve your #hairgoals? (Click here to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.) How often are you sweating? If you’re working out daily and getting your sweat on, you might have to bump up the frequency of how often you’re washing. Have you invested in a dry shampoo that actually works for your hair? I have tested out countless dry shampoos before finding the one that I swear by. It does exist—it is out there. It takes patience and perseverance, but finding the one is worth it. (Just make sure you’re applying your dry shampoo correctly!)

Here’s what I suggest to anyone who is having a hard time trying to figure out their schedule: to start, try washing every other day. If you think you can stretch it out a little more, go for an additional day between washes.  And truly listen to your hair’s reaction to what you’re doing. Take notes in your phone, it could look something like this: Shampoo A made my hair last for 3 days, Shampoo B made it greasy 1 day later, etc. Take some time and put the effort into figuring out your hair—trust me, you won’t regret it. Once you have your routine down, products seem to work better, styles are easier to pull off, and your hair-health increases beyond belief!


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