HowTo: Get A Thicker ‘Do

There are several things your stylist can do to help you achieve a thicker ‘do. Here are a few you can try or ask about on your next salon visit, if you are hoping to create a thick and luscious look!

Get short layers.
A blunt cut can weigh your hair down. Adding light layers will give your hair shape and movement. Plus, it never hurts to try something new!

Or rock a lob.
Long hair is heavy, so it will naturally lie flatter against your head. Try a trendy crop for more texture and volume. And short hair is perfect for spring! Here are a few of my favorite short cuts. (You can show them to your stylist for inspiration!)

Try parting your hair on the opposite side.
If you’ve always parted your hair on the left side of your head, try parting it to the right. Your stylist can cut your hair with this new part in mind, and you’ll end up with volume for days!

Ask for product recommendations.
Your stylist is a pro, and she’ll know exactly what products you need to achieve the look you want. So, ask for her advice and actually take it! She wouldn’t sell you a product if she didn’t think it would help.

Take notes on how she creates your look.
After the cut and color, your stylist will move into styling your hair. Pay attention to how she holds the brush when she blow-drys your hair, or how she holds the curling iron when creating those perfect beach waves. And don’t be afraid to ask for tips and tricks! Odds are, your stylist knows plenty and will be more than happy to share them with you.

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    1. Hey, Taylor! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Those of us with thin hair have to stick together! Glad you liked the blog, please stay tuned for more. ❤️

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