Don’t Miss Out This Summer—Be Ready For Everything With Your “Just-Say-Yes” Bag!

Just say “Yes!”

Summer gives us long days, even longer nights, and tons of impromptu outings with friends and family. Be ready for all those last-minute plans with your “Just-Say-Yes” bag! Think of it as your “no excuses” bag. Prepping ahead of time will allow you to say “Yes!” to those last-minute invites, so you can make more memories with the people you love. Find a bag and fill it with these 7 essentials to prep for any and every spontaneous thing that comes your way this summer:

Cute Cut-Offs ✔️
A good pair of cut-offs are a woman’s best friend during these hot summer months! Keep a pair of trusted cut-off shorts in your bag, so you can be comfortable (and cute) in any situation.

White Sneakers ✔️
Nothing pulls an outfit together like a white pair of shoes! That’s why keeping a pair of white sneakers in your “Just-Say-Yes” bag is a must. You’ll be stylin’ in the these classic white pumas—and your feet will thank you for choosing tennis shoes over flats or heels!

A trusted Hair Clip ✔️
This hair pin from Oribe is perfect for those hot summer days! It helps keep the hair off the back of your neck in a cute, no-fuss updo.

All-in-One Makeup Kit ✔️
This travel makeup palette by Chanel is perfect for those quick touch-ups between work and meeting up with friends. It offers a complete look for face, eyes, and lips—plus, it comes in a small, compact case that fits anywhere!

An Easy-Going Swimsuit ✔️
You never know where the day will take you! So, keep a swimsuit in your bag just in case you end your day poolside.

Light-weight Sunscreen ✔️
There’s nothing worse than greasy sunscreen that leaves you feeling like you need a shower! That’s why this lightweight sunscreen from White Girl Sunscreen is perfect for everyday use.

A Small Clutch or Backpack ✔️
You need something small to hold things like your keys, wallet, and cell phone for those impromptu outings with friends. This backpack from See by Chloe has been my favorite summer purchase so far! It’s big enough to hold all of the essentials, but small enough that you can take it anywhere. After all, who can’t use another black bag?

My philosophy is just say “Yes!” You can figure the rest out later.


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