Legend Of The DreamBox

While walking around Old Town, Fort Collins this weekend, I came across these cute little boxes; next to them was a piece of paper that read:

The legend of the Dreambox (often attributed to Lemuria) suggests writing down your fondest dream, greatest desire, strongest wish, on a small piece of paper, putting that paper in a Dreambox and placing it beside your bed. Every evening before you retire and every morning when you rise, hold your Dreambox and think on your dream, believing with all you heart that it is so. Legend has it, if done faithfully, your dream will come true.

While I don’t necessarily believe that you can make something happen by writing it down, putting it in a box, and thinking on it—I do believe that you can make something happen if you put enough thought, energy, and effort into making it happen. When you write down your dreams, goals, or aspirations for the future you are making an effort to be intentional with your wants and needs. And I think that is the real power behind this legend.

❤ Always!

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