MustTry: Spring Trends

I love Spring and the sense of newness it brings! The warmer weather gives you a chance to wear new clothes, try new things, and soak up the sun in the longer days. The season also brings new trends, and here are a few to try this Spring:

Dress up with cute heels and a tulle skirt.

If this trend seems a little girly—you’re not wrong. However, tulle skirts are definitely in this spring, and it never hurts to play up your feminine side! So, next time you go to brunch with the gals, pair your favorite pumps with a tulle skirt. But remember this French fashion rule I learned in high school: if your skirt falls below your knees, you can wear high heels—but if your skirt sits above your knees, you should pair it with flats.

Let your (natural) hair down.

Natural hair is in! This is a serious time saver when it comes to your morning routine, as long as you have the right product to help you tame and smooth your hair into effortless perfection. I recommend the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil because it is great for all types of hair: thick, thin, or just unruly! This ultra-lightweight styling treatment oil is designed to absorb quickly, leaving you with a frizz-free, natural finish. A little of this product will help you fall in love with your natural hair this Spring!

Play with mauve and neutral tones.

Try this Coconuts Over OPI shade, or pick up a new eyeshadow palette. Whatever you do, incorporate mauve and neutral tones into your look, because this trend is super cute! Plus, there is a subtle power behind these understated and muted tones that will transform your look this Spring.

Order a cocktail with brunch.

Okay, so this isn’t necessarily a trend—but this is definitely something you should start doing! Gin is my new-found favorite, so I encourage you to try a Red Snapper or an Earl Grey Martini next time you go out to brunch (or make breakfast at home)!


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