What To Do When Your Nanny Calls Freaking Out!

It can be hard to juggle work, life, and kids: between getting everyone out of the door in the morning, making it to school and work on time, picking the kids up on time, making sure homework is done and everyone is fed—let’s just say, the average day can be a little chaotic.

Thankfully, having a nanny can help make the day run a little bit smoother: she can pick up the kids, make sure chores are completed, help with homework, prep dinner, tidy the house—a nanny can be a life saver! Having a nanny can help you focus on work and have a more productive day, because you know your kids and home are taken care of.

But what happens when your nanny runs into a problem she can’t solve, and she calls you freaking out?

Trust me—I’ve heard it all! Whether your kiddo has somehow flooded the bathroom, is “lost” at the school, or just giving your nanny a hard time, I’ve been there and taken that call. Here are three tips for staying calm and handling the situation like a #momboss.

Take a deep breath.

This tip may seem simple, but it’s important nonetheless! I always seem to get these calls on days that are already crazy, during the middle of an important meeting; and the last thing I want to hear is that my nanny is freaking out about something my five-year-old did. So, I remind myself to take a deep breath (or two or three), and listen to what she’s saying before I respond, because it helps me stay calm, cool, and collected. After all, the last thing you want to do is react harshly, because that just might make everyone break down in tears (if they aren’t crying already!). Just remember: take at least one deep breath before responding to your nanny.

Try to present her with a solution.

I know your busy, and it can seem overwhelming to be bombarded by a random call from your nanny (because then you become worried about your kiddos and whether or not everyone is actually okay). But after taking a deep breath, really listen and try to identify what’s going on. Take an extra minute and ask her questions to really understand the situation. Most of the time, it’s not as bad as your nanny thinks it is. But remember, she’s taking care of your kiddos while you can’t be there; and if she’s calling you while you are at work—she probably thinks it’s important. So, listen to her words and try to present her with one way to fix the problem or answer her question. And remember, it’s totally fine to take time to digest the conversation, and text her about it later. Just remember, that every minute feels like five when you’re worried about something—so don’t take too long to text her back!

Remind her that everything is going to be okay. (And then remind yourself, too.)

If you’re nanny is calling you in a panic, she probably isn’t thinking clearly. So, remind her to take a deep breath and tell her that everything is going to be okay. Odds are, whatever she is calling you about (unless it’s an emergency) can probably be dealt with when you get off work. Remember to listen, and present a solution if there is one; but always reassure a nervous nanny that everything is going to be okay. This should help her to pull it together, and make it through her shift until you can come home. Plus, taking this approach can help her stay calm and handle a similar situation on her own, next time.

Being a working mom can be hard! And while having a nanny can help make life easier, your nanny is only human and she will probably make mistakes. So, just remember to take a deep breath and keep calm next time she calls you freaking out!

❤ Always!

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