TREND ALERT: Celebrate The New Year With A Little Glitter

With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, we’ve decided to share fun and creative ways to dress up your hair and makeup to ring in the New Year! Let’s be honest, you spend time creating the perfect outfit, so why not embrace the occasion and decorate your hair and makeup too. Below we’re giving fresh new ways to wear your shimmer and sparkles into 2018! 

Your Shopping List:

1. Glitter / Confetti (feel free to get creative)
2. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Gel ($13)
3. Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray ($19)
4. Sturdy Brush (foundation brush or color brush)
5. Small Mixing Bowl

  1. In your bowl pour a small amount of Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Gel. (You can always add more as you go.)
  2. Slowly mix in your first glitter color with your gel. (If you’re using multiple colors add those in one at a time.)
  3. Create your perfect part and using a brush, apply the glitter / gel mixture. Start at your roots and move outward 1″.
    TIP: When applying the mixture remember “less is more”. The more gel you add to your part the firmer your hair will be. Saturate your brush for a more even distribution.
  4. Once you’ve applied your glitter, it’s time to get creative. Add confetti, stars, and shapes to help your New Year’s hair stand out!
  5. Just a few passes of Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray and you’re on your way to being the trendiest guest at your upcoming New Year’s Eve party.
Easy Removal:
  1. Shake out excess glitter before you wash your hair.
  2. Dampen hair and vigorously massage scalp for 2 minutes with Tea Tree Special Shampoo.
  3. Massage in Tea Tree Special Conditioner at your roots leave in for 3 minutes.

From natural-looking tiny specks to little stars and hearts to bolder edgy dots–the metallic designs are applied like temporary tattoos and can be cut up and worn in any way to accent your style.

  • Wear them on your cheeks, nose, or anywhere you’d naturally get freckles to uniquely enhance nature’s perfect imperfections!
  • BeautyMarks last for 2 to 4 days and can be removed any time with any oil (like coconut, jojoba, baby oil, etc.).

Instantly radiate your complexion with metallic glitter freckles. This new trend is perfect to incorporate into your unique New Year’s style!

Because every picture tells a story…📸

 Spread the sparkle! 


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