LifeTip: Take Things One Step At A Time

Staying in the here and now is something that I struggle with—especially when life becomes more demanding than usual! I find that I spend too much time obsessing over what will happen in the future that I miss out on the gift of the present.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I will never be the type of person to give up planning for and building towards my future, because I don’t think that’s a bad thing! However, being future-oriented does become an issue when you get so caught up in the planning aspect of life that you forget to dedicate time to the here and now.

The reality is that this happens all the time. But the saddest part is that you typically don’t realize what you’ve missed out on until it’s too late. Most of my stylists look back on their career and wish that they had taken the time to enjoy each phase while they were in it, instead of always stressing about or pushing towards the next promotion. And I am guilty of doing this with my family, especially when it comes to vacation. I become so focused on getting to the destination that I forget to enjoy the steps it takes to actually get there. And upon reflection, I realized that some of my favorite memories come from those moments of transition.

That’s why I’m challenging myself to find a balance between prepping for the future and relishing in the moment I’m currently in—regardless of what that moment looks like. That’s why I reflect on all the things I am currently thankful for before I even roll out of bed in the morning. This exercise allows me to take life one step a time and reminds me that everything works out in the end!


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