Refuge Rave: Alexis H.

At Refuge, we believe that our products stand by themselves. We have created a regimen that has the power to transform your hair and help you achieve all of your #hairgoals. However, Refuge is also about building people up—from the inside, out—because we believe that beauty is something that starts from your roots and grows into a happy, healthy life. That being said, I wanted to celebrate a few #bossbabes who were among the first to put their faith in Refuge.

Meet Alexis H.

Alexis is among the handful of people that have been using Refuge since the beginning. So, I wanted to take a moment to share a little about Alexis and her experience with Refuge! I asked her a few questions and this was her response:

What’s one (or two) word(s) that describes your Refuge experience?
Unparalleled relief. It has been such a relief finding a hair care routine that really meets my needs, and is so easy to use!”

What are your #hairgoals?
“I strive for long, healthy hair that you can’t tell has been colored a thousand times.”

What’s your favorite quote or motto?

“Do what you ought, come what may.”

-French Proverb

Which regimen are you currently loving?
“I love the Rehab regimen. My hair has been pretty damaged by all of the coloring treatments I’ve done and Rehab has saved my hair.”

 What is your personal Refuge?
“Curling up in my bed with my kitten and a big bowl of curry!”

In a few words, what’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever received?
“Diet changes everything. We consume so many toxins as Americans and these affect our hair and skin health! I was shocked what cutting dairy out of my diet did to my skin and hair.”

❤ Always!

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