Rose & Thorn

Some of my favorite moments happen at the dinner table, because one of the things I love most is just being with my family: talking, listening, and laughing as we share our day. Dinner together, as a family, is definitely a ritual that I look forward to—that is, until all three of my boys (husband and children) are more worried about their phones or tablets than they are about the food we cooked, let alone talking about their day!That’s why playing Rose & Thorn is one of my favorite ways to start a meal.

Rose & Thorn is a game that allows (or, as my oldest son likes to put it, “requires”) everyone to share the best part and the worst part of their day.

Playing this game is a great way to give everyone a chance to talk about their day, which is perfect for when everyone wants to talk but can’t quite seem to remember to listen. (My six-year-old usually forgets about that part.) We always start the meal by going around the table and listening and asking questions as each person takes a turn sharing their Rose (the good part of their day) and Thorn (the bad part of the day). Rose & Thorn is usually a great conversation starter—but it even works on those days when no one wants to talk (which is why my son says the game “requires” you to share)!

One of the easiest ways to start playing this game is to simply make it a habit at the start of dinner—even if you went to a restaurant, grabbed take-out, or are eating in the car on the way to practice or a band concert. I made it a priority for everyone to share their Rose & Thorn at the start of every dinner we eat together and while it took some time to make the conversation feel organic, now, it just feels weird when I don’t get to play Rose & Thorn with my guys!

❤ Always!

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