You’ll Never Guess What’s Back In Style!

Believe it or not: Scrunchies. Are. Back.

I’m not sure why they ever left, but there’s a reason why I kept my favorite green striped one tucked away in my drawer. I wear mine around the house on those lazy days, but now I’m excited to wear it out in public without the fear of being judged. And not only are they comfy, but they are actually good for your hair!

Neil Grupp, a hairstylist in New York City, said, “You get damage sometimes if the metal on the elastics snags the hair… Soft scrunchies are awesome, the benefit is that they are gentle on the hair.”

If you’re not on board with this trend—I understand. Scrunchies aren’t for everyone. Besides, there are other ways to pull your hair back, without ripping it out in the process. Telephone cord hair ties are very similar to scrunchies and don’t break your hair like those elastic ones do. They also are not as large and flamboyant as scrunchies, which makes them a great way get in on this trend without going full-on scrunchie. Elastic hair ties are also gentle on your hair, and look fantastic next to your favorite bracelet—without leaving those painful indents on your wrist.


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