Tips For The Softest Hair EV-AH!

Soft, touchable hair is one of my #hairgoals! So, I am always thinking of ways to make my hair as soft and manageable as it can be. Here are five quick things you can do to get those soft strands.

1. Suck up excess water.
The drier your hair, the more nutrients it absorbs. After you shampoo, wrap your hair in a towel for two minutes to dry it a bit before you add conditioner.

2. Only treat ends.
Don’t use conditioner on your roots—that hair is new and healthy! Instead, apply a palm-full of conditioner from mid-shaft down and distribute with a wide-tooth comb to make sure every strand is coated.

3. Trap heat.
Dampen the inside of a terry-lined shower cap, and wear it for 10 minutes while the conditioner is in your hair. The cap will trap in steam that opens up hair follicles, so your hair will really soak in the good stuff in the product.

4. Don’t rinse too well.
Fight the instinct to get squeaky clean! Rinse with cold water until your hair is slightly slippery. The conditioner that’s left on your strands will keep working throughout the day.

5. Use a weekly treatment.
Using a weekly treatment will keep your hair soft and healthy! Take the quiz and find the Refuge weekly regimen that’s perfect for you!

❤ Always!

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