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Why Tea Bag Baths Are My New Favorite Thing.

Slipping into a hot, relaxing bath is one of my favorite ways to unwind and find refuge at the end of a long day. But tea bag baths have been a complete game changer (thanks to Pinterest)! Loose tea leaves (among other natural ingredients) work to heal and soothe, and fill your bathroom with relaxing scents, that leave you completely zen and glowing!

So, whether you want to build your own bath tea bags, or simply purchase them, be sure to look for these 5 ingredients for the best soak ev-ah:

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which means soaking in a hot bath infused with green tea will help you recharge after a long, stressful day. Those antioxidants will help soothe sore, aching muscles—so a green tea bath would be perfect after a difficult workout or a day of being on the go. Green tea also contains vitamin B, which will leave your skin feeling silky-smooth.


Lavender is my go-to when I need to de-stress! The relaxing and powerful (but not overwhelming) scent will fill your bath (and the rest of the room), which is perfect for those days when you need help to unwind.


Peppermint has a very powerful scent, which makes it great for those days when you are feeling stuffy or a little under the weather. A bath infused with peppermint can even help make a headache disappear. But I love to take baths with peppermint on those days when I’m feeling low, because the sweet, minty scent is the perfect pick-me-up!


Rose water is also full of antioxidants and will definitely help you de-stress—but it’s best known for it’s ability to tighten your pores without drying them out. A dip in a rose water bath will leave your skin feeling firm and fresh, but also nourished and moisturized. I love taking a bath infused with rose water after a long day in the sun and on dry, windy days, to replenish my skin’s natural moisture.


Chamomile is the most gentle on skin, which makes it great for those who struggle with acne or eczema. Regardless, a dip in a bath infused with chamomile will leave you with a glowing, radiant complexion.  It also works wonders on those nights when you just can’t sleep! Simply run a warm bath, drop in your tea bag with chamomile, and sitback and relax as you begin a more restful night (and hopefully get some sleep).

❤️ Always!

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