Beth W.

Life can be hectic, and mine often is! My name is Beth Weber and I am the co-founder of Refuge Hair Care and Studio Be Salon Group. Over the last 12 years, I’ve turned a passion for the beauty industry into a multi-million dollar brand and created absolutely zero work / life balance for myself along the way. 😁 Ok, not really—but like many others, I’ve learned the importance of making time for yourself the hard way!

On any given day, I lead a team of nearly 100 amazing individuals. I direct my brand, develop new products, strategize growth, collaborate art direction, build culture, defuse a crisis or two, and respond to a never-ending stream of emails.  All while working hard to be the mom and wife my family deserves. 💪 At the end of the day, it’s difficult to find a balance between the demands of coaching my staff, growing multiple businesses, and meeting the needs of my family—let alone making time to indulge in myself. As an entrepreneur, a mom, a wife, and, most importantly, a woman, I know I am not alone!

I created this space as a way to find that balance, together! For me, a refuge is a place of protection—a shelter from every demanding thing I face in my day. It is a place to relax, recharge, and restore. 🛀 My Refuge is a collaborative movement, designed to inspire, uplift, and encourage others to make time for themselves. I am inspired to help others discover their personal refuge! Because, I believe that beauty is something that starts at your roots, and grows into a happy healthy life.

❤️ Always!